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Spring Activities for your Stir Crazy Littles

Since Easter may look a bit different this year, we thought we would share a few ideas to entertain your kiddos during Easter (or anytime) during the Spring season!

1) Have an Egg-Citing Scavenger Hunt

A race around the house for the candy prize? Yes, PLEASE! Our Easter egg scavenger hunt clues are now available as a free PDF download! Just cut out the clues, place in a plastic egg and hide the preceding clue in strategic places around the home. May the grand finale be a fun candy find!

Download  Scavenger Hunt

egg scavenger hunt clues

2) Get Your Color on with Tie-Dye Eggs

If you have paper towels to spare, try the tie dying egg technique! Just wrap the towel around a hard boiled egg and drop dots of food coloring at random. Unwrap and get rid of the towel before placing the egg on a stand or original carton to dry. You can also use rubber bands to block the dye from reaching the eggshell. This results in a fun striped pattern. Get creative with what you can find at your house and bring out that inner artist!

tie dye egg

3) Find Your Cozy Reading Nook

As we know, there are many deeper messages hidden behind the beautiful illustrated pages of children’s books. After the Fall by Dan Santat is an exceptional read that explains how Humpty overcame his fear of heights and slowly worked towards achieving his personal goals. Buy on your Kindle as a fun (and relevant) read for Spring.

Humpty Dumpty Book

4) Check In on a Neighbor or Friend

Do you have enough TP? Going a little stir-crazy? Our neighborly notes are a great way to spread joy in your subdivision or apartment building even if you don’t have their phone numbers! These door hangers encourage kids to draw what is on their mind or fill in a fun mad-lib style note. Take a family walk together to hang on a neighbor’s door handle. Dangle and dash!

5) Write to Nursing Home Residents

Social distancing can be especially hard for the elderly during a holiday season. Have your kids pen letters or draw pictures for residents at a local nursing home! Most senior living facilities around the country cannot have outside visitors, and it’s a great way to send some outside love in. These small gestures of kindness have big impact!

6) Host a Trivia Contest

Incorporate lessons from school in a fun and engaging way. Here are just a few seasonal facts to get you started!

Question: What is the size of the largest decorated Easter Egg recorded? 

Answer: The largest decorated Easter egg was 49‘ 3” tall and was created in Pomerode, Santa Catarina, Brazil, in 2019.

Question: Who started the White House Easter Egg Roll?

Answer: President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1878. It started with the roll, later music was added and then other activities, like egg dying.

Question: When did Jelly Beans become popular?

Answer: These delicious little candies became popular during the American Civil War after a Boston candy company marketed them as a treat to send to soldiers. They were also the first candy to be sold by weight rather than by piece.

There you have it. A sprinkling of kid’s activities for the next few weeks. Stay hoppy and hang in there!



Download  Scavenger Hunt