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How To Write a Great Thank You Note

You can write a thank you note in less time than it takes to unload your dishwasher with these easy steps! Starting now, writing a note of thanks—to your friend, to your child’s teacher, to your boss—no longer has to feel daunting.

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Keep it short 

If the thought of writing a thank you note makes you physically anxious, remind your brain that this is not a fight or flight situation it needs to protect you from. Three sentences is enough! Follow this general outline. Sentence #1: Thank the person for gift or thing they did for you. Sentence #2: Compliment him or her for being the kind of person who does generous things. Sentence #3: Wrap up by saying how much you appreciate the gift or gesture.

          Thank You Note For A Boss Example:  “Dear Joan, Thank you so much for the job referral. You are the best first boss I could’ve ever asked for. I really appreciate your confidence in me, and I will keep you posted!”

Be gushy

A thank you note is the perfect time to use all of your favorite “wow” adjectives, like generous, thoughtful, amazing, fantastic, incredible. Don’t hold back! After all, have you ever received an exuberant note and not liked it?! Of course not. It’s human nature to savor being appreciated by others.

            Thank you Note For A Child’s Teacher Example: “Dear Mr. Todd, Thank you for being a fantastic teacher! My son has learned so much this year—he is ready for kindergarten because of you. I’ll never forget your encouraging words, and I hope you have a wonderful summer!”

Skip a laundry list

If you’ve recently had a wedding or baby shower, you’re likely staring down a list of people to thank. One way to make note writing less overwhelming: You don’t have to recount the exact details of each present. If you worry you’re being lazy by not summarizing the present, we can assure no one will think that. The best notes focus on the thoughtfulness of the gift-giver.

Instead of “Dear Makenna, Thank you so much for the blue and yellow infant bath tub, the rinsing cup, the duck toy, the soft washcloth and nail kit.”

Try “Dear Makenna, Thank you for infant tub and amazing bath goodies! I’ll always think of you during bath time.”

Think about the recipient

Still avoiding putting pen to paper? Imagine your grandma/friend/child’s teacher/boss opening your note. Or picture them when they first see your pretty card addressed in the mailbox or on the kitchen counter. It feels good, right?! And it just takes three sentences!

Do it again and stock up!

Once you’ve written the thank you note that’s been on your to-do list, crank another one out. To your mom for being your mom.  To your best friend who sends the funniest texts—won’t she adore a handwritten card?! When you get into the habit of writing a note every couple of weeks, the task will seem second nature and your brain will no longer try to talk you out of the task. To make note writing more fun, try our beautiful and creative note cards. Shop our bestselling boxed thank yous. Or for notes that also include other messages, such as congrats and thinking of you, I love the Write Words Boxed Sets.


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