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Hop To It!

Feast your eyes on our Easter Collection. More fun than hot cross buns! In partnership with Maisonette, we created some Easter items for this Spring holiday.

When we brainstorm product ideas for our collections with Maisonette, we try to focus on two things: 1) What will be fun for kids? 2) What will be a breeze for parents? We landed on Easter Egg Dying Placemats and an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Game!

The placemats are perfect for an afternoon activity of egg dying and decorating. If you have your neighbors, friends, or cousins come over for an egg dying party, these mats add to the fun! Kiddos can play word games, tell jokes, trade fun facts, do a maze, and draw out their Easter egg designs. As for parents, these newsprint-inspired mats will add another layer of protection between the bright dye and the precious table!

As for the scavenger hunt game, almost no other game is quite as fun as a good scavenger hunt! The element of clues in pastel hues make it an extra exciting take on your classic Easter Egg Hunt. We print clever clues on 12 of the eggs and leave the other 8 blank, so parents can write in their own clues specific to their kids and house. Place each clue in an egg (with or without candy!) and unleash the kids! For a prize at the end, maybe it’s more candy, their Easter basket, or a golden egg?!

We hope you and your kiddos love these items as much as we loved designing them!