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Famous Couples’ Wedding Invitation Challenge: I Love Lucy’s Lucy and Ricky

Why I chose this couple? I grew up watching I Love Lucy and have always had a soft spot for the playfully imperfect pairing of Lucy and Ricky (though I only recently found out that Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s real life marriage ended in divorce, a fact I am choosing to ignore).

Some words to describe my custom welcome bag items for Lucy and Ricky would be: Sweet, retro, playful

My biggest challenge: It was obvious from the start that Lucy and Ricky’s vow renewal invitation would be in the format of a big, bold red heart with a polka dot or houndstooth envelope liner. But in order to work in all the details from my favorite episodes, I decided to design items for their celebration weekend welcome baskets instead.

Describe the stationery in a little detail: Friends of Lucy and Ricky would be welcomed to the weekend celebration with a basket lined in polka dot fabric, filled with items that represent well-loved I Love Lucy moments. They would kick off the festivities with a bottle of freshly-stomped red wine (S5, Ep 23, “Lucy’s Italian Movie”) and chocolate truffles fresh off the conveyor belt (S2, Ep 1, “Job Switching”). After the big party, a dose of Vitameatavegamin (S1, Ep 30, “Lucy Does a TV Commercial”) is the perfect hangover buster. “It’s tasty too!”

Bold reds and pinks and pseudo-retro typography used throughout the items are inspired by the iconic I Love Lucy heart logo. The custom Vitameatavegamin label features their monogram and the date, and tiny Ls and Rs are worked into the chocolate box border.

Other party details: Toasts by Ethel and Fred, a first dance with Little Ricky, and a hand-rolled Cuban cigar bar

If the client could give me a testimonial, I think the couple would say: Lucy: “Gee, our welcome baskets were neat! CBP put together items that had our guests walking down memory lane!” Ricky: “CBP is the greatest. No more ‘splainin to do.”

No more ‘splainin to do,