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Famous Couples’ Wedding Invitation Challenge: La La Land’s Mia and Sebastian

Why I chose this couple? Spoiler alert: Because the story of Mia and Sebastian can’t end that way! It was cathartic to imagine the fantasy alternate ending of their love story, where Sebastian and Mia fulfill their dreams and stay together. 

Some words to describe my custom stationery suite for Mia and Sebastian would be: Bold, colorful, happy, Old Hollywood, like you are stepping into a musical.

Describe the suite in a little detail: The perfect way to have guests save the date for their big day would be a record of Sebastian’s song that drew Mia into the club. The type on the album cover is inspired by the neon sign at The Lighthouse Cafe where Sebastian takes Mia for her first experience of live jazz. The inner sleeve has a starry scene with the couple silhuoetted and dancing in the moonlight. The album label mimics the club logo for Seb’s (Sebastian’s dream jazz club) designed by Mia. When the record is pulled out, a full moon is revealed in the sky on the sleeve.

The saturated color-blocked invitation suite is inspired by the happy hues of the film. The deep blue of the sky, Mia’s wardrobe, her vibrant apartment, etc. I’d like to imagine all of Mia’s bridesmaids wearing their dresses from “Someone in the Crowd.” Silhouettes of the couple dance along the bottom of the invite under the stars. Jazz stamps of musicians that Sebastian idolizes, vintage Hollywood stamps of James Dean (the movie references Rebel Without a Cause) and Ingrid Bergman (a large poster of her is in Mia’s room). The postcard on the back of the reply is a vintage image of the Griffith Observatory from the iconic love scene in the movie. A matchbook rehearsal dinner insert with the logo is also inspired by Seb’s jazz club.

Other Wedding Details: At the reception, The Messengers will do a flash mob of Another Day of Sun.

If the client could give me a testimonial, I think the couple would say:

Mia: “We knew CBP loved color, but wow! Opening this invitation is like walking into a musical or dream.”
Seb: “It’s very, very exciting.”

La La Later,
Senior Associate Creative Director