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Famous Couples’ Wedding Invitation Challenge: Fantastic Mr. Fox’s Mr. and Mrs. Fox

Why I chose this couple? I love this Wes Anderson film so much. The animation, the characters and the amount of detail put into every scene is amazing. Because Mr. and Mrs. Fox are married for most of the movie, I thought it would be fun to do a vow renewal ceremony that would pick up where the film left off.  The animals would be feasting and celebrating in the sewer with stolen food from farmers Bunce, Boggis and Bean.


Some words to describe my custom stationery suite for Mr. and Mrs. Fox would be: Pocket size, quote unquote “fantastic” and so cussing charming.


Describe the suite in a little detail: My first thought for designing the suite was to make it animal size. How fun would that be? A pocket-size invitation for humans, but a normal size for a fox. To get a sense of how small this invite is, it is the size of an escort envelope that you would receive at a wedding reception. The stamps are standard size and I’m determined to see if this suite would make it through the mail.


My biggest challenge: This movie is chock-full of hidden details so it was hard to pick just a few of the best to focus on.


Detail callouts: The acorn envelope liner is inspired by the wallpaper in the Fox’s tree house, the red and yellow color palette is used throughout the movie, the invite border is pulled from Mrs. Fox’s blouse detailing in the opening scene and the type is hand drawn to look like the book cover.


Wedding party mentions: At the reception, I imagine Mr. Fox would switch on his radio and propose a toast with hard apple cider to his family and wild animal friends.


If the client could give me a testimonial, I think the couple would say: Mrs. Fox: “Lauren did what no other human would do, appreciate the fact that we are wild animals and we deserve a fantastic celebration of our marriage.”  Mr. Fox: “Incredible! *trademark whistle*”


Don’t cuss with me,
Lauren Breig